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Frequently Asked Questions - For Vendors


Can I send my product info in Lucro to interested buyers or healthcare orgs?

Yes, you can! Your homepage is full of active projects. Select the one that is relevant for your product and submit directly from there.

How do you make money?

Lucro makes money by providing an annual premium subscription service to Vendors. Vendors who subscribe to Lucro premium services receive additional features, including additional submissions, notifications to relevant boards, and analytics. These premium services are expected to be available in Q3 of 2017.

What does my solution card look like to a buyer?

In your portal after you create your product, you can use the blue 'Preview' button in the top left to see what a buyer sees.

Can I track my product through the decision making process?

Yes, you can! Check the ‘Submissions’ tab and get real time updates on the progress of your submission.

Can I send additional info with my Solution Card to be considered with my Board submission?

When you submit to a board, there is a free text field where you can explain how you can help that provider solve their initiative.

Who can edit my product and company info?

Anyone in your company can access the portal and make changes.

Is it possible to get metrics on usage, clicks, etc. from my solution card?

Lucro is working with our design partners to understand the best way to deliver these metrics. We are working to offer analytics in 2017.