Frequently Asked Questions - For Healthcare Organizations


Does Lucro cost anything to sign up?

Lucro is free to use! Click here to sign up.

We do love referrals. Our current network of active customers was built from people like you sharing our story.


Is my information private and secure?

Absolutely. We take privacy and security very seriously here at Lucro. Here are our security policy and our privacy policy.


When should I create a project?

Here are examples of how customers are using Lucro:

  • Selecting a vendor for a pilot project
  • Standardizing multiple vendors across my health system
  • Evaluating alternate vendors for a current renewal
  • Discovering vendors that can solve a problem our organization is focusing on
  • Shortlisting vendors to determine who best meets my needs
  • Organizing vendor diligence across multiple stakeholders.

You can start a project at any stage of your process and Lucro can still take the lift off of your team.


What does it mean that my project is “Active with Submissions?

This means that vendors on our platform can see your project and are able to recommend their solutions to you for consideration. Pin them to your project, and any questions you’ve already asked will automatically be sent to them to respond to so you can then evaluate their responses them.


Can I control who sees my project?

Yes! Vendors can see your project if your project status is Active with Submissions. You can also choose to add your project without identifying your organization if your project requires it.

Other members in your organization can see basic information about your project.

Note: no other healthcare organization sees your projects - only the vendors on the platform - so your competitive secrets are safe.


Can I add other stakeholders to my project?

Yes! You can add “Contributors” directly to your project. After signing up, they are added to the project and can add requirements, compare solutions, discuss products others on the project, and score solutions.

Please note: invites are from If a colleague doesn’t receive the link, it may be in their junk folder.


There’s a specific vendor that I know I want to consider, but I can’t find them in Lucro. Can I compare them in my decision?

No problem! You can add their URL in the search box, and Lucro will create a solution for them that you’re able to pin to your project.


I already have my questions for my RFP. How can I get that info in Lucro?

The hard work is already done!

You can still easily translate your RFP to questions on the Ask Vendors tab. Many customers simply copy & paste sections of their original RFP into Lucro. You can build these questions before, after, or during your vendor search. Vendors pinned to your project will get the questions you’ve built so you can start receiving responses.